A Legacy of 31 Years in Immigration Expertise

A Legacy of 31 Years in Immigration Expertise

About Visa to America Morocco

Our team has the experience to help you in your journey.

We are a team of skilled immigration attorneys, financial advisors, and legal experts, committed to crafting personalized legal strategies for success.”

Empowering your dreams of working, studying, or investing in the U.S., our team is dedicated to crafting and implementing the optimal strategy for your success.

Our Approach

We want to hear from you. Then we can help you decide which is the best visa for you.

Our Values

We are committed to your success and we will help you during the entire process.


Former visa officers will prepare and help you pass your visa interview with ease.


We will make sure you are on your way to success. And we will be there during the entire process.

Our team is skilled and ready to assist you on your journey.

Working with Visa To America ensures that you will have the best immigration representation possible.

Our team of expert attorneys are here for you

At Visa To America Inc., our team of expert attorneys is dedicated to providing unwavering support throughout your immigration journey. With over 31 years of combined experience in immigration, corporate, and tax law, our legal professionals possess the knowledge and skills necessary to address your unique needs.

Trust Visa To America to be your dedicated partners in achieving your American dream.

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Our Expert Team

 With a combined experience of over 31 years, our legal team is well-versed in every aspect of immigration law, corporate intricacies, and tax implications.

Loubna Voegtin

Branch Manager loubna@visatoamerica.com

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